Merri at Home is a hand-picked collection for home and life, with all goods designed and made in Australia, in small batches or made to order. 

Founder Penny Davies merged her two stores - Pieds sandals and Merri cards - in late 2021. This was the beginning of Merri at Home.

Functionality sits at the heart of the collection. We don't want to clutter people's homes, instead we look to pieces that will create joy, be used (and handed down!), and tread lightly.

More Australian made pieces will be added to the collection - slowly - as we discover pieces that are locally manufactured and serve to bring purpose and joy to our lives and homes. We are happy to take it slowly, we truly believe that less is much more!

We also believe in protecting our environment and the creatures that live within. We are proud to donate 5 per cent of our sales to Bush Heritage Australia – you can find out more about their important and revolutionary work here.

Thank you for helping us support Australian designers, makers and industry. 

Founder, Merri at Home